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we certainly are strange.
Too strange - and in the UK.
Therefore: 2strange.uk.

Georgios Zoumpoulidis, Senior Translator, Greek, English, German, Deutsch, localisation, QA, editing, proofreading

Translation, QA & Localisation

In translation, the message comes to you from the Other, and in an inverted form.

From website and hardware/software/games localisation, to science fiction, philosophy, psychology, business, finance and law (fields where our competence and know-how, both linguistic and subject-matter, shine through and set us apart by orders of magnitude), there is a common link: the Other and how their message, a cataract of signifiers, void of meaning at its core, still points to a difference that makes a difference.

Our task, as we define it here at 2strange.uk, is two-fold. Firstly, to localise such meaning without compromising its foreigness, or its point of departure/genesis. And secondly, simply put, to help you excel. That's what we really excel at.

Georgios Zoumpoulidis, Web design, web consulting, corporate identity

Web design & consulting

On the web, discipline goes a long way in protecting (y)our sanity.

But creativity still rules supreme! We plan business/corporate strategy and identity, and produce, adapt, develop, and create content for stunning sites, blogs and web apps, making no compromises: your pages will look equally amazing on desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones, as well as across platforms (Windows, Androis, IOS, Linux distors, etc.)

We have clients that have stayed with us since 1998, and others that moved on when their business requirements could only be met by sizeable teams of developers. Maybe you are next!

Georgios Zoumpoulidis Greek translation, German, Deutsch, translator

About us

Knowledge can save the world
from delusions of power

Our founder, Georgios Zoumpoulidis, holds a LL.B (Law Bachelor), an MA in Translation, and is currently writing up his PhD thesis (a topological approach to translation). He is a certified technical analyst and derivatives advisor (the latter certification from Athens Derivatives Exchange). With experience in dealing with complicated legal, financial and business texts, as well as EU texts, industrial automation (CNC tools, power tools, blister packaging, industrial doors, etc.), science fiction, philosophy, psychology, on- and offline gaming, software and hardware localisation, proofreading, editing, post-editing (MT) and QA, he has been a leading figure "in all things translation" for the best part of the last 24 years.

With millions of words translated, reviewed, edited, proofread, and actual creative writing experience under his belt, his goal has always been to excel by helping others unleash their potential and excel as well.

We are 2strange, but you can still contact us for greek, english and german translation projects

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